Coakley campaign seeks local phone bankers

A message from Ms. Elaine Tassinari:

I am the town coordinator for Medford for Martha Coakley for Senate Campaign.

Today, I’m writing looking to see if you are able to help me make phone calls to voters from Jan 9-19th. The general election is on Jan 19th.    I have a phonebank up and running at Century 21 Advance on Salem St. Medford. That is Mike Hayes office.

If you cannot help, I’m asking if you can suggest where I may find some Medford or local volunteers to help me in the evenings and weekends making calls for Voter ID’s.

These are not solicitation calls, we simply ask who voters are supporting.   It’s a fun and collegial way to spend a couple of hours.

My Goal:  to make 500 calls a night.   Over a period of 10 days that is 5,000 calls.

These calls go very quickly. I supply volunteers with phone lists of who to call and a short script.

There are about 12 phonelines open, so if I could add another 10 volunteers I would be very grateful. The more volunteers I have the less burden on all of them and I can then rotate through them.

Thanks for all your help!

[Update 1/7/10: The campaign is specifically looking for phone bank volunteers this Saturday, January 9, from 12-6.]