About the committees

The Medford Democratic city and ward committees make up the local arm of the Democratic Party. Throughout the year, the committees work to support Democratic candidates, register voters, and spread the message of Democratic values in our city.

From the state Party’s Field Manual for City, Ward and Town Committee Chairs:

Town, ward and city committees are the foundation of Party organization — the local wing of the Democratic Party — and have the closest contact with the people.

Article 2 of The Charter of the Massachusetts Democratic Party states:
The local committees shall conduct, according to duly established and recorded local by-laws, such activities as are suitable for a political organization; among which (without limitation) are:

  • Endorsement of enrolled Democratic candidates
  • Financial Support of the State Committee
  • Adoption of resolutions and platforms
  • Raising and disbursing of funds for political purposes
  • Voter registration campaigns, and
  • Calling of caucuses for the purpose of endorsing candidates, adopting resolutions, or conducting other Party business as provided for in the Call to Convention

There are a total of nine Democratic committees in Medford: the city committee and eight ward committees. Members are elected to the committees during the presidential primary election every four years. If all seats are not filled (35 per committee), additional members may be added at the discretion of the existing membership.

The city committee’s by-laws may be found here.

A list of committee chairs, with contact information, may be found here.