Medford Dems welcome new officers

Thursday night, members of the Medford Democratic City Committee elected new officers for the 2020-2024 term, via a public Zoom meeting. Outgoing Chairman Paul Donato and Co-Chair Nancy White thanked the participants of the meeting for their past support as well as for their commitment to continuing the work that Donato & White had overseen. In addition, the members of the committee all expressed their gratitude for the hard work that Chairman Donato and Co-Chair White had done for the
party & the city the last several years.

The hour-long meeting included the introduction of candidates for the offices of Chairman, Co-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and Affirmative Action Officer. Where multiple candidates had expressed interest for an office, each were given time to introduce themselves and explain how they would help lead the committee in the next four years. Attendees broke off into individual Ward-based breakout sessions to vote on the office of Chairman. Once everyone returned to the main meeting the votes were tallied.

The newly elected officers are:
Chairman – Mr. Henry Milorin
Co-Chair – Ms. Nicole Morell
Treasurer – Mr. Bruce Kulik
Secretary – Ms. Anne Haggerty
Affirmative Action Officer – Ms. Anita Tucker

Newly elected Chairman Milorin thanked everyone for their participation and expressed his vision for moving the Democratic City Committee forward. Co-Chair Morrell also thanked the attendees and provided insight into how she sees the City Committee developing and helping members of the Medford community.

The Medford Democratic City Committee meeting is always open to all members and interested Democrats. All meetings, set times and locations will be posted publicly to social media, websites, community news sources, etc., to provide an opportunity for Democrats looking to get involved.